Sunday, May 14, 2006

Naked Conversations Page 220 : with a surprise link

From Page 220 Naked Conversations

"One example that demonstrates how podcasting might work for an enterprise is ITConversations’ recording of Blink author Malcolm Gladwell’s talk at PopTech, a popular conference that blends technology and sociological thinking. When he spoke in October 2004, Gladwell was well received by 500 mostly paying attendees. Over the next 10 months, 67,000 people listened to the podcast version of his talk. Gladwell spoke for free at PopTech, even though elsewhere at the time he was receiving as much as $40,000 per speech.By August 2005, his asking price had gone up to $60,000, and he was among the most sought-after speakers on the circuit. His new book is significantly outpacing his earlier book in sales. Meanwhile, event though PopTech raised its registration rates for its 2005 conference, the event sold out for the first time in its nine-year history*, and there was a waiting list. Is there a measurable quid-pro-quo here? It’s not provable. But one can assume that both Gladwell and the conference producers have not been hurt by giving it away".

* Note: IT Conversations podcasted the entire PopTech Conference at which Gladwell spoke ( 26 speakers) and recorded PopTech 2005 as well. Follow the link Alphachimp Tour: Graphic Facilitation to the PopTech 2004 conference and enjoy my friend Peter Durand’s great graphic illustrations and link there to the recorded speeches on the IT Conversations Podcast Network.

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