Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Adobe - Flash on: The fusion of TV and the Internet

Click here Adobe - Flash on to see a powerful interactive mosaic of selected short videos - try the side bar for different genres. This interactive Flash presentation from Adobe offers some really neat ideas for user interfaces to complex video, audio or slide collections.( thanks to Bill Daul of NextNow Collaboratory for the link)

A visual tag cloud? A new way of mapping the social graph? With RSS feeds updating the visualization elements, I could see using this as my live social network dashboard, with the genre sidebar providing a selection of different social net connections based on topic, trust, reputation, recency etc.

Rather than build this visual UI into the OS as Apple has done with their new Leopard visual stack and grid interfaces, this could be a cross platform browser-based UI.

I will talk with Bill Daul to see if we can prototype such an interface.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Amazon Kindle - your ideal gift for the readers on your Xmas list

Amazon "kindles" a new fire in electronic book reading. This 6 minute video shows how you will use this new portable, 10.3ounce, paperback size device. Download your reading library via a wireless connection just like calling on your cell phone. This device and the kindle service will revolutionize the book, magazine,newspaper and blog publishing media space.

It's already sold out at Amazon, so you will have to stand in line to get one for your Xmas list. I want one too. : Entertainment : A Video Demonstration of Amazon Kindle

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Defragging the Defrag conference - Dan Farber on Identity disclosure -

Looks like a lot of the key Social Networking folks at the Defrag conference are concerned about the potential Trojan Whores in Open Social APIs. Dan Farber of ZDNet reports on what EstherDyson, Ross Mayfield, Doc Searls and Dick Hardt had to say about user profile protection. Good to see the A List dealing with this problem.
� Defragging identity, disclosures and vendor relationship management | Between the Lines |

Thanks to Adam Green of Grazr who provided the reading list widget below from the Defrag conference. There's a lot more to Defrag from the Defrag conference than just this one

Monday, November 05, 2007

OpenSocial Trojan Whores? Cisco has an answer

In yesterday's post on OpenSocial, I expressed concern over the potential for personal profile misuse.

In contrast to the potential Trojan Horses of OpenSocial, to provide greater security for users of unified collaboration and communication tools for enterprise, Cisco has announced the acquisition of Securent Cisco Acquires Securent for $100 Million to provide security for enterprise knowledge pools and social networking profile data.

Here is a related reading list from the web today.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Open Social -Trojan Whores?

Open Social hit the net last week and gave google and partners a legup over Facebook in the exploding field of social networking. But the value of the open social networking APIs embodied in Open Social may be nullified by the potential for misuse of open user profiles by OS app developers who could mine the data gathered from OpenSocial profiles for their own purposes without user permission.

Anyone who can provide users a way to prevent application developers from gathering, mining and selling end-user profile, activity and clickstream data without their opt-in permission
could have a killer app.

If you have an hour to waste click on the YouTube video below to view the announcement by google's Vic Gundotra and the first group of OpenSocial Partners.

What's your take on OpenSocial?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Outsourced Brain - New York Times

OM! by David Brooks

The Outsourced Brain - New York Times-
"you may wonder if in the process of outsourcing my thinking I am losing my individuality. Not so. My preferences are more narrow and individualistic than ever. It’s merely my autonomy that I’m losing .... Personal information? I’ve externalized it. I’m no longer clear on where I end and my BlackBerry begins."

The entire article is about a 1 minute read -- humor with a really sharp point - you will be glad you did!



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