Monday, June 05, 2006

tdaxp : Visualizing Critt's New Game

A suite of evolving maps visualizing the Game. Boy it woould be nice to have a name for the Game - tdaxp : Visualizing Critt's New Game

The Gapminder World 2006, beta

A powerful visualizing tool driven by data from publicly available sources. the timeline/timelapse visualization feature distills 50 years worth of data and presents a moving picture that communicates instantly how the world's nations measure up differentiably.

The Gapminder World 2006, beta

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Visual Journal of MeshForum 2006

Here you can browse the murals created by Eileen Clegg to accompany the presentations on May 8th.


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Originally uploaded by mcsixth.
a mosaic with annotation.

black humor

figure and ground in Black Block Notes - another example of the flickr annotation feature.

You can overdo it!!

To see what can happen with an overuse of the flickr annotation function. Pretty humorous mashup concept containing both post-its and flickr annotations - add note on Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Originally uploaded by ddavison.
Clicking on the image on the right will take you to the original clip on flickrtalk where I have annotated ( the small transparent square over 3 text elements in the image) to link to the Wikipedia definition, and other resource links that may add value for the user.

It would be a lot slickr to avoid the link to flickr and provide the same annotation feature directly in the blog image here. Not yet a supported feature in Blogger.



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