Friday, September 29, 2006

Flickr Help Screencast Volume 1: Geotags & You

View this crisp screencast demo of Geotagging on Flickr.

Flickr Help Screencast Volume 1: Geotags & You

Thanks to Adobe!

Thanks to Adobe!
Originally uploaded by Foveal.
Here is a photo from flickr that gets the point across . I'll bet Adobe isn't clued in on the power of this one picture to give appreciation for its outreach to Tsunami victims. Click on the picture to get more detail from the photographer

Your Favorite Bloggers- from Business Week

Your Favorite Bloggers

From Business Week September Best of the Web. link to the slide show with short bios of each of the top 12 bloggers.

Scoble is #6.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

2006 Visualization Challenge Winners - A Sample

This blackboard drawing won second place in this annual contest. Yet one more Vitruvian man. View the slide show on this site for all of the awarded visualizations.

2006 Visualization Challenge Winners -- Chatterjee 313 (5794): 1730 -- Science

Ken Wilber's Multiplex - Astounding!

CLick below and beam up to the Multiplex:

The Integral Multiplex

An Heeere's KENNY!

An interview promoting a 10 Disk CD set (99.95) on Ken Wilber's view of Kosmic Consciousness. Do gurus all have to shave their heads?


The Integral Institute - Ken Wilber's cash machine

In order to log on to participate in the Integral Institute's forums and other features you must be a member and It's not cheap! - note these prices are monthly subcriptions. Ken Wilber has himself a cashflow paradise.As a platinum sponsor $500 per month, you get to make a free call to Ken Himself! I love the visuals, but am blown away by the charges - Who says unique content isn't valuable.

Be interesting to know what traffic the site gets and what the membership size is.

Integral Institute

Combining the Quadrant and Altitude charts - a novel filter and display for web information

See my two previous posts for the filter design.

Holons: News from the Integral World

The Four Quadrants

The Four Quadrants

See this link for the background on the construction of the Four Quadrants.

The Altitudes Rainbow

Originally uploaded by ddavison.
the rainbow of "altitudes" combining Maslow, Gebser and Graves value systems.

Category:Graphics - P2p foundation

A small listing of graphics that can be reused. Here's an example

Category:Graphics - P2p foundation

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Adding value to social networks- Doing what comes naturally!

Bradley Horowitz is head of the Yahoo Search Marketplace technology group - and his analysis of the phenomenon of user-generated content ala flickr is brilliant.

His point "social software sites don’t require 100% active participation to generate great value."

Elatable | Bradley Horowitz � Creators, Synthesizers, and Consumers

Thanks to ZenPundit for this link from CooperationCommons

Monday, September 25, 2006

How could I have missed RageBoy for so long

This is Chris Locke's(AKA RageBoy) using Bookpedia.. His blog is done in pure Thoughts Illustrated style and I am really glad to discover it.

chris says: "It's not often that software blows my mind, but the app I'm about to describe just did just that. I should warn you at the outset, however, that Bookpedia runs only under Mac OS X, and the barcode scanning feature (as described here anyway) requires an iSight cam -- either built-in or standalone. So if you're as much a book freak as I am, but you're using a PC, this is only going to make you drool. Sorry."

mystic bourgeoisie:

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Visual thinking consultancy worth exploring?

UnderstandingLab: " "

Malcolm's back - a conversation

Sadly, I can't do that kind of visual representation in my New Yorker writing, and I haven't tried in my books. But it's definitely something I want to pursue in the future.

NextD Journal 8.2 - Conversation with Malcolm Gladwell

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Digital Storytelling - Which comes first: The Listener or the Story?

Although a bit long, I think this vlog vignette is a good example of digital storytelling. New York Workshop #1

Reminds me of what Dana Atchley was trying to do way back in the day. Dana Atchley Productions, Inc.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Originally uploaded by ddavison.
Dave Pollard is at it again . In this post on the use of graphics in gaining attention for his blog post, there is an interesting recursion - I get grabbed by his graphic, read the post and then grab the graphic to link to his blogpost. Pretty effective way to get the conversation going!

I used flickr for this post, the previous one was uploaded directly into blogger.

Perhaps this is where the audio/vlog component should start.

Your graphic caught my attention

Dave Pollard is at it again. Attention grabbing graphics are a primary reason that I continue to follow Dave's rather verbose blog - his pictures grab my attention - and I am seduced into reading further. This post graphic led me to read the detail supporting his 2X2 "take" on Attention vs. Meaning.

How to Save the World

Sunday, September 10, 2006

High Tech T-shirts!

The new look in LumaLive fabrics from Phillips - think of the mashup possibilities of wifi or portable message devices and these new Light-emitting fabrics. 1:24 minute video on YouTube - Light-emitting shirts!

The video has received over 1 Million views on YouTube.

A bedtime story

A bedtime story
Originally uploaded by fd.
Chris Anderson's reach is broad indeed. the next generation really "gets" The Long Tail.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Paul Saffo: Innovation is being good at failure | GoingOn Home

Vision of the Valley - Paul Saffo: Innovation is being good at failure | GoingOn Home

In this video Paul describes Silicon Valley's culture of innovation and admonishes innovators to study failure to learn and grow the "next big thing".

This blog post is hosted by GoingOn Network - a platform I need to explore:
1. it incorporates video like this example
2. It is designed for multiple bloggers hosted under one media brand - following Dave Pollard's "blog-hosted conversations" concept.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A photomosaic Powers of 10 - from Getty Images

10 ways: "From its content to its visual components, a photograph is filled with information. Choose a point on an image and delve deeper into it, linking one idea to another in a never-ending chain."

Try the "information" demo and you'll be intrigued as the zoom "box" takes you deeper into a mosaic of thousands of color images.

On the same site, launch the demo of lightand experience a photomosaic of light and shadow and the eerie, yet powerful gradual sharpening of resolution as an image chosen from the thousands that make up the 3D object and its lighting source "dissolves" into crystal clarity.

There's enough in these two demos to prove that " A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS" taken to the "next level" with a Powers of 10 visualization "platform".

Finding my voice...

I have resisted the inclusion of video clips in the blog until today, when prompted by a link from Robert Scoble (scroll down to see the link trail) I experienced the value of short, well produced and meaningful videos in meriting the attention of blog readers.

This discursion has recalled my recent postThoughts Illustrated: ChangeThis :: How To Be Creative and caused me to ponder about finding the right "voice" . As Hugh MacLeod says in this ChangeThis manifesto on creativity " Part of being a Master is learning how to sing in nobody else's voice but your own."

... and, MacLeod's very pointed sketch about blogging shown at the head of that post makes his point even more telling.

...and, prods me to consider Dave Pollard's diagrammatic taskonomy "Why I Blog?" How to Save the World . Dave spends an enormous amount of time and energy and intellect in modulating his voice - and reading him has offered me a window into how he is attempting to deal with the complexity of our world.

Inspired by Dave's very visual approach to blogging, I started this blog back in April to explore the power of audiovisual storytelling to augment Doug Kaye's growing archive of speech recordings on the Conversations Network.

Along the way Dave also introduced me to Umair Haque's Bubblegeneration Strategy Lab and Haque's most lucid explanation of the business of NewMedia. According to Haque, what I am attempting to do is to act as a reconstructor.

......and, just what is the voice of a reconstructor? - we'll see!

Choices - An inspiring short video

Helen Barrett, a digital storyteller, recounts how her 7th grade memorization of a popular Robert Frost poem informed her choices throughout life. Includes a rare audio recitation by Frost himself. As Helen says, "taking the road less travelled by .....made all the difference."


StoryCorps - Listen

In conjunction with the Library of Congress, StoryCorps records short vignettes of ordinary Americans and now has archived over 7000 recordings. Nowadays we'd call them podcasts.

Worth a listen.

StoryCorps - Listen
Thanks to Robert Scoble for this link. Could be a real winner for small businesses advertising locally and a unique addition to a blog site. Sort of a video version of flickr zeitgeist and much more entertaining and informative.TurnHere: Free video guides for travel, restaurants, hotels, local events & music

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Movie “NMC Campus: Seriously Engaging”

NMC Campus Observer � Our Movie “NMC Campus: Seriously Engaging”

A 5 minute quicktime video or downloadable wmv. This Flash movie describes the remarkable New Media Consortium campus and its several hundred university affiliates.

the best demo of Second Life that I have seen.

Watch it the movie and view the future, and when you have finished scan the NMC sidebar for the tagcloud - lots of interesting things to link to.

Dreams in High Fidelity

Dreams in High Fidelity
A painting that evolves, rendered by the electric Sheep Screen Saver - a "cyborg mind composed of 30,000 computers and people mediated by a genetic algorithm"

Friday, September 01, 2006

Wired Cities - and the death of paper biz mags

This map at the site will lead you to a slide show picturing the top 30 cities in Forbes' survey of wired cities.

The "liveliness" of the site provides a strong illustration of the difference between Forbes online and the paper version of the magazine. A great example of how printed business magazines are dying, and how Forbes is innovating to retain subscribers and offer advertisers more qualified reader attention than could ever be captured by the paper magazine. Mark Anderson has a related article at Strategic News Service entitled Bizmags: Sexy Dinosaurs Losing Their Grip??!!



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