Thursday, May 11, 2006


Originally uploaded by ddavison.
A special group on flickr where we can experiment with the mashup of graphic images, audio podcasts,and annotation

See my previous posts on the concept or click on the photo at the right which will take you to the flickrtalk testing page on flickr.


Chris said...

So I'm looking all over your site, but I'm not fully getting the gist of the story here. I'm fascinated from a hundred levels and want to participate. How would you tell this story at the beginning?

papadavo said...

chris the reason the site is not "together" is that it has been and continues to be a personal journal of my thinking. I haven't taken it "public" because I am not yet ready to do so.

To tell the full story I need to compile it in either a wiki or a static website which is not on my timeline just yet.

I appreciate your fascination with what I am trying to articulate, and perhaps there may be a way for you to participate.

Dave Davison



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