Friday, May 14, 2010

The History of Information in 6 minutes- a short video by PULL Author David Siegel

David is the author of a new book PULL pull: Books .

This video is from his website and worth a look.

The History of Information, by David Siegel from dsiegel on Vimeo.

Churchill Club - Brown and Hagel

Here is an animated "capture" created by Bill Daul of the Churchill Club event I posted about here: Thoughts Illustrated: Tim O'Reilly - The Oracle of Silicon Valley

Take 5 minutes to watch Bill's clever animation of the pictures he took of the event. Now all we need is some key audio clips from the interview to accompany the aninmation. Thanks for the link, Bill.

Churchill Club - Brown and Hagel

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The devouring dragon of Facebook and Twitter

This image from illustrator Jess3 captures my feelings about Facebook and Twitter -- not only for Facebook's evolving invasion of our privacy as shown in my last post, but for the loss of time and money and persona that these two social media demons devour.

You can fimd more of Jess3 images on Slideshare JESS3 Presentations

Nice imagination, Jess!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The evolution of PRIVACY on Facebook

To get the "gist" of this infographic from Matt Mckeon's website, you need to click on the link below and chose "image based version" on the topleft corner of the image, and then click on each of the dates to the upper right of the image to get the impact of the changes that FaceBook has made over the last 5 years of its existence. Matt is a developer on the staff of the Visual Communication Lab at IBM

The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook

See my HaraKiri post for more context Thoughts Illustrated: Is it time to leave facebook?
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The GeoDome - Deja Vu all over again

I just received this invitation to an Interaction Associates webcast next week:
On the webcast the CEO of GeoDome will discuss the utility of immersive environments and powerful visualizations to shake up the thinking of C-level executives.

Here's their pitch from their website:
"The GeoDomeTM Portal is a rapidly deployable (read portable sets up in 30 minutes in any room) and highly engaging Immersive Virtual Environment designed to casually immerse up to 15 people. It leverages the latest visual computing technologies to enable participants to experientially and interactively explore a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary subjects across multiple scales of space and time. "

This reminds me of my visit in the early 1980's to the exploratorium project in the Stanford Engineering School of Design.

The exploratorium was a half-dome geodesic with a floor to accommodate about 12 participants where we lay head-to -head in a hub and spoke arrangement to view a presentation of Powers of Ten projected on the half-dome ceiling.

The objective of the exploratorium was to shift our normal way of thinking to our right brains in preparationn for a succeeding collaborative exercise. It worked very well - 30 years ago, and now, as with many early visionary concepts, has finally reached the mainstream of an Enterprise-level learning consultancy webcast.

I know this stuff works - but am amazed that it took 30 years to find adoption.

I intend to learn more about the GeoDome and its global network and perhaps providing the visual content such a space needs to function at its best. A great potential for sharing complex information rapidly - and getting it through to our right brains.
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Peter Morville's Talks

Peter's visuals in this slide deck are a great accompaniment to his books. Being able to post this almost automatically is a slick time-saver.It would be great if the presentation had audio as well.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tim O'Reilly - The Oracle of Silicon Valley

Karen Tucker CEO of the Churchill Club, gave me a ticket to the event last night featuring Tim O'Reilly interviewing John Hagel and John Seeley Brown (better known as JSB) . The affair at the Computer History Museum had a full house in attendance.

Expecting that the "Shift Happens" sermon from the two Johns would be the highlight of the evening, I was surprised to find that the star of the show was O'Reilly - livening up what otherwise was a trite rendition of old stories from the two Johns.

This morning I clicked on this INC story Tim O'Reilly: The Oracle of Silicon Valley which reinforces Tim's value as a key influencer in the Valley and beyond.

Read the INC article and I think you will agree that Tim O'Reilly rocks!

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Is it time to leave facebook?

This article on the ZDNet Tech Broiler provides a very cautionary tale for FaceBookers, adding to the uproar from many tech pundits about the privacy issues for regular users of Facebook.

I have already used the personal settings "opt out" on Facebook to reduce my exposure, but after reading the linked article I am not so sure I have protected myself adequately.

My grandkids, who are avid FaceBookers probably don't care about their privacy right now, but their FB content may come back to haunt them in the future.
Contemplating FaceBook Hara-Kiri | Tech Broiler |
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