Monday, June 16, 2008

from twitter to youtube - nice segue from Garr Reynolds

I am not a fan of twitter, but a twit from Scoble in my inbox led me to one from Garr Reynolds the author of Presentation Zen.

Because I like Garr's world view of presentations and zen,Thoughts Illustrated: Ah So! PresentationZen - a book every presenter must read I clicked on the twitter url on Garr's twitter page and found this very personal postcard on YouTube (short 1:14m and I think you'll like it.)

Make you want to go to Cannon Beach in Oregon?

Make me understand how twitter can serve as a microblogging link to videos like the one Garr produced?

Maybe there is a role for twitter in my digital LifeStream.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama's 'Cybergenic' Edge - Paul Saffo on ABC News

Paul Saffo is a genius at translating his meta-insights into quotable memes.

Here is his take on how Obama stacks up against McCain ABC News: Obama's 'Cybergenic' Edge

I recall a YiTan teleconference call in May of 2007 when Facebook was just emerging as the social network platform. I put the question to the over 80 conferees " is anyone using Facebook?" Only one person said "yes" - and it turned out he was an Obama staffer honing his Cybergenic edge.

As Paul says in concluding his essay:
"I'll bet we will look back from the other side of Nov. 4 and conclude that the single most important factor in this election was the winner's cybergenic edge.

We might even see a Kennedy-Nixon moment before the race is over. But even if we don't, I'll be very surprised if Obama isn't our next president. And when he wins, let us hope that Obama's cybergenic instincts enable the first cybergenic president to govern as effectively as he ran."

Right on, Paul!

telepresence -

check out slide 14 for Cisco apps data.



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