Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Google Earth map of wikleaks mirrors

Visualizing Wikileaks mirrors — Multigesture.net

Visualizing Wikileaks mirrors — Multigesture.net

Creating Value jed emerson

This is a 38 minute video ( long but worth it) featuring JEd Emerson Blended Value > About > Jed Emerson at the Stanford Business School a year ago where Jed discusses how we create aggregrate value in the intersection between for profit and non-profit organizations.

I have followed Jed's work for several decades and consider him the most articulate advocate of blended value.

He quotes General Ceorge Marhall on the creation of the Marshall Plan to resucitate Europe after WWII
" Don't steer your course by the ships alongside you - steer by the stars!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Real Life Social Network -Paul Adams

This presentation offers a great view of your "friends" on social networks

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

where good ideas come from - Steven Johnson - RSA Animate

A time-lapse animation of a talk by Steven Johnson great technique - 4 minute video by the author.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Make your public speeches Resonate -by Nancy Duarte

I had the great pleasure to attend the launch part for Nancy Duarte's new book Resonate - and not only enjoyed a superbly catered affair, but met a lot of interesting folks in the graphic design, speech coaching and information architecture arena. Best of all was Nancy's heart-felt and powerful dedication of the book to her Dad - and the compelling story of its creation. Nancy signed my book and I will soon be learning from it. Here's a blurb from Nick Morgan at Forbes:

Nancy Duarte’s New Book: “resonate” - Nick Morgan - Public Speaking and Communications Commentary - Forbes:

And as an extra benefit for reading this post, here is an example of Nancy's presentation style, proving that you don't have to bore your audience with PowerPoint ( the presentation was crafted using only the PPT tool)

5 Ways to Make PowerPoint Sing! (And Dance!) | Duarte Blog'
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Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Network Singularity: Social Media Excellence - Today's Five C’s

The Network Singularity: Social Media Excellence - Today's Five C’s

Here are 2 separate posts from the blog Network Singularity. Taken together they articulate the concepts and practices of creating and sharing social media in a succinct and useful way.

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The Network Singularity: Social Media Excellence – Today’s Five C’s (2)

Monday, October 04, 2010

Did You Know?

a 4 minute video by XPlane - worth the viewing time IMO.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Envisioning Guinea Pig “B” - Scale Independent Thought

Envisioning Guinea Pig “B” - Scale Independent Thought

Digital Embassies - from the mind of David Armano

Community Engagement: Managing Communities Across Digital Embassies
View more presentations from Edelman Digital.

David Armano's contributions to the SlideShare archive are presentation gems. I embedded this one in preparation for a lunch with Chris Carfi one of Armano's Edelman Digital colleagues.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pretty F**King amazing!-

There are two versions of Marta Kagan's presentation on Social Media posted on Slideshare - The one above garnered 1605 views.

The once below had the word "F**King inserted throughout and garnered 43,000 viewers - Must say something about Slideshare viewers or maybe about the general viewing public.

The presentation is worth viewing in either version, but I will join the F**King crowd and embed the F**King version for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The National Mood map on Twitter

Feeling Moody? How the time of the day,the day of the week and your geolocation affects your mood/

Researchers analyzed over 300 million tweets collected between September 2006 and August 2009 to determine the mood of America over a 24-hour, 7-day period, and by geolocation. The mood of each tweet was inferred via Affective Norms for English Words, a word-rating system that gives normative emotional ratings for English language words.

The video below shows the shifting mood, or pulse, over time: Twitter Mood: The Pulse of the Nation - Tech Talk - CBS News Posted by Dan Farber.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

when ideas have sex - Matt Ridely on TED Global

At TEDGlobal 2010, author Matt Ridley shows how, throughout history, the engine of human progress has been the meeting and mating of ideas to make new ideas. It's not important how clever individuals are, he says; what really matters is how smart the collective brain is.

Here's Matt's Website Videos | The Rational Optimist…:

Friday, May 14, 2010

The History of Information in 6 minutes- a short video by PULL Author David Siegel

David is the author of a new book PULL Amazon.com: pull: Books .

This video is from his website and worth a look.

The History of Information, by David Siegel from dsiegel on Vimeo.

Churchill Club - Brown and Hagel

Here is an animated "capture" created by Bill Daul of the Churchill Club event I posted about here: Thoughts Illustrated: Tim O'Reilly - The Oracle of Silicon Valley

Take 5 minutes to watch Bill's clever animation of the pictures he took of the event. Now all we need is some key audio clips from the interview to accompany the aninmation. Thanks for the link, Bill.

Churchill Club - Brown and Hagel

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The devouring dragon of Facebook and Twitter

This image from illustrator Jess3 captures my feelings about Facebook and Twitter -- not only for Facebook's evolving invasion of our privacy as shown in my last post, but for the loss of time and money and persona that these two social media demons devour.

You can fimd more of Jess3 images on Slideshare JESS3 Presentations

Nice imagination, Jess!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The evolution of PRIVACY on Facebook

To get the "gist" of this infographic from Matt Mckeon's website, you need to click on the link below and chose "image based version" on the topleft corner of the image, and then click on each of the dates to the upper right of the image to get the impact of the changes that FaceBook has made over the last 5 years of its existence. Matt is a developer on the staff of the Visual Communication Lab at IBM

The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook

See my HaraKiri post for more context Thoughts Illustrated: Is it time to leave facebook?
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The GeoDome - Deja Vu all over again

I just received this invitation to an Interaction Associates webcast next week:
On the webcast the CEO of GeoDome will discuss the utility of immersive environments and powerful visualizations to shake up the thinking of C-level executives.

Here's their pitch from their website:
"The GeoDomeTM Portal is a rapidly deployable (read portable sets up in 30 minutes in any room) and highly engaging Immersive Virtual Environment designed to casually immerse up to 15 people. It leverages the latest visual computing technologies to enable participants to experientially and interactively explore a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary subjects across multiple scales of space and time. "

This reminds me of my visit in the early 1980's to the exploratorium project in the Stanford Engineering School of Design.

The exploratorium was a half-dome geodesic with a floor to accommodate about 12 participants where we lay head-to -head in a hub and spoke arrangement to view a presentation of Powers of Ten projected on the half-dome ceiling.

The objective of the exploratorium was to shift our normal way of thinking to our right brains in preparationn for a succeeding collaborative exercise. It worked very well - 30 years ago, and now, as with many early visionary concepts, has finally reached the mainstream of an Enterprise-level learning consultancy webcast.

I know this stuff works - but am amazed that it took 30 years to find adoption.

I intend to learn more about the GeoDome and its global network and perhaps providing the visual content such a space needs to function at its best. A great potential for sharing complex information rapidly - and getting it through to our right brains.
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Peter Morville's Talks

Peter's visuals in this slide deck are a great accompaniment to his books. Being able to post this almost automatically is a slick time-saver.It would be great if the presentation had audio as well.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tim O'Reilly - The Oracle of Silicon Valley

Karen Tucker CEO of the Churchill Club, gave me a ticket to the event last night featuring Tim O'Reilly interviewing John Hagel and John Seeley Brown (better known as JSB) . The affair at the Computer History Museum had a full house in attendance.

Expecting that the "Shift Happens" sermon from the two Johns would be the highlight of the evening, I was surprised to find that the star of the show was O'Reilly - livening up what otherwise was a trite rendition of old stories from the two Johns.

This morning I clicked on this INC story Tim O'Reilly: The Oracle of Silicon Valley which reinforces Tim's value as a key influencer in the Valley and beyond.

Read the INC article and I think you will agree that Tim O'Reilly rocks!

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Is it time to leave facebook?

This article on the ZDNet Tech Broiler provides a very cautionary tale for FaceBookers, adding to the uproar from many tech pundits about the privacy issues for regular users of Facebook.

I have already used the personal settings "opt out" on Facebook to reduce my exposure, but after reading the linked article I am not so sure I have protected myself adequately.

My grandkids, who are avid FaceBookers probably don't care about their privacy right now, but their FB content may come back to haunt them in the future.
Contemplating FaceBook Hara-Kiri | Tech Broiler | ZDNet.com
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Enemy ? what enemy?

Maybe there is a way to leverage the power of PPT through Slidesharing.

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:
Slide share business final
View more presentations from Rashmi Sinha.
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WE have met the Enemy, and He is Powerpoint! - New York Times

Click on the image to see a larger version.

When shown this slide in a briefing on the war in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, US Commander in Afghanistan is reported to have said:
"When we understand this slide, we will have won the war!"

The NYT article linked below is a full-on criticism of the dependence of our organizational culture on PowerPoint - joining Edward Tufte in his earlier criticism of our dependence on PPT as a substitute for critical thinking, presentation and writing.

THe NYT article should be required reading for the world of PPT devotees.

Enemy Lurks in Briefings on Afghan War - PowerPoint - NYTimes.com:


Monday, March 08, 2010

Wired on the iPad

Wired showed off its new iPad application which you can see here.Magazine - Widescreen

Here's what Chris Anderson has to say about their debut of the new Wired at the TED conference.

But enough of the technical details. The point here is that we are entering a new era of media, where we finally have a digital platform that allows us to retain all the rich visual features of high-gloss print, from lavish design to glorious photography, while augmenting it with video, animations, additional content and full interactivity. We’re one of the first magazines to go beyond the concept stage with this, and the demo we showed at TED and in the above video reflects months of real tablet production as we prepare to go live this summer.

Much is still to be answered about magazines and other media on this emerging class of devices, from the business and distribution models to the consumer response. But what is already clear is that they offer the opportunity to be beautiful, highly engaging and immersive, going beyond what’s available on the web. I think tablets are going to sell like hotcakes, in part because they offer such an intimate, rich media experience. We’re betting big on them, as you can see, but this is just a taste. Stay tuned for a full release this summer.

Read More http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2010/02/the-wired-ipad-app-a-video-demonstration/#ixzz0hbPcJgTt


IPad at the Academy Awards

Steve Jobs had his hands all over last night's Academy Awards - with Pixar(Disney) winning for best animated feature with UP UP : Official Siteand Apple ads for the iPad capturing viewers in crisp 30 second spots.

I can see UP bundled as a feature film on the iPad just to show off the great video capabilities of the device.

From the Christian Science Monitor:
" The point is easily-understood: the Apple iPad is a Swiss Army knife device. It plays video, it plays TV shows, it stores photos from your last tropical vacation. And it does it in style.

TAke a look at the Academy Awards TV spot:


The drums are beating for the iPad launch on April 3.

Will you stand in line to buy one?

Monday, February 01, 2010

Search Patterns - A Visual feast for students of SEARCH

I have just read Search Patterns, a collaboration by Peter Morville of Semantic Studios, and Jefferey Callendar of Q LTD in ebook form from O'Reilly Books. The print version will be available soon, but it's worth buying the print/ebook version to get a first look at what Morville and Callendar have wrought.

Search Patterns is a comprehensively written and beautifully illustrated compendium covering every aspect of SEARCH filled with original art and copious screen-shot examples that make this book a treasure trove of valuable insight and commentary from Morville's perspective as a well-respected Information Architect. As the author opines in the book:

"Search Patterns challenges us to invent the future of discovery while serving as a practical guide to help us make search applications better today."

I intend to accept the author's cartoon invitation below to learn more at their companion website. Search Patterns: Design for Discovery:


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Search Patterns: Design for Discovery: "Search Patterns challenges us to invent the future of discovery while serving as a practical guide to help us make search applications better today."

Thursday, January 07, 2010

what makes good information design?

The infographic designer, a brit named Mcandless riffs on the subject - The Venn diagram is possibly useful in mapping the subject. Here's his profile picture from the blog - looks a bit evil, doesn't he?

Click here to see a larger image and a few comments by the artist.

Interesting, Easy, Beautiful, True? | Information Is Beautiful

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

altus' Ted Cocheu and Robert Scoble.

A voice from my past experiences at the eLearning Forum several years ago brought alive in a recent video interview of Altus CEO Ted Cocheu by Robert Scoble. = great explanation of the altus dynamic knowledge repository service.If the video is on the Altus knowledge base, it would represent an opportunity to add a meta level graphic user interface of a scribed recording of the interview.

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