Monday, May 15, 2006

Connecting in Conversation - Design for a MMP game.

Critt Jarvis posted this article on Newsvine today from his participation at Beyond Broadcast 2006 at Harvard on Sunday.

Critt's MMP game concept is based on the theme from Tom Barnett- "disconnectedness means danger" which is outlined in a sketch Critt drew during a breakout session at the Harvard event.

I have clipped the sketch and will annotate it on flickr and post it later today with a draft drawing of the game "platform" that may explain his game concept more clearly.

This link will take you to Critt's Newsvine article which, if you are interested in following his journey toward Connecting in Conversation through gaming, will explain the origins of his thinking and thus the game concept.

Newsvine - Connecting in conversation: Gaming as public media platform

As the sketch in the Newsvine article suggests, the game would be targeted at augmenting the networked connectivity of the Second Superpower - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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