Friday, May 12, 2006

hooked on Gladwell - was this what flickrtalk was supposed to do?

Help! This all started as a "quick"test of the flickrtalk "mashup" concept using random clips (for now) of Malcolm's speech at PopTech 2004 and Peter Durand's graphical interpretation of that speech - well, no - it really all starts with my conversation with Doug Kaye, the executive director of the Conversations Network about my starting a new channel on CN.

The idea was to save podcast listener's time by breaking up the speech into the important sound bites from the full audio podcast on CN and use a graphical interface that "pictured" the speech in one holistic image.

And now I have spent 30 minutes rummaging around in Malcolm's blog to satisfy my curiosity about this remarkable writer/speaker.gladwell dot com - disclosure statement

So does flickrtalk do the job of helping a prospective listener to the podcast decide whether to download it to his/her playlist - or does it take them on a surfing expedition?

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