Friday, December 18, 2009

Carl Jung’s Red Book - The Archetypal Philosopher in search of his soul

Carl Jung had a real mid-life crisis - the loss of his soul. The Red Book is his personal recording in art and calligraphy done over the 10 years from 1910 to 1920 during which he sought inwardly for the soul he had lost. The book lay in a safe deposit vault in Zurich for several decades and was just released to the public in an exhibit at the Rubin Art Museum in New York Here's what blogger The Beautiful Brain said about the exhibit:
'The magic in this exhibit is in its reminder to the contemporary viewer of the powers of introspection, the sense that there are vast worlds within each of us that await the curious traveler.'
REVIEW: Jung’s Red Book Unveiled in Manhattan�|�The Beautiful Brain

Be sure to watch the video embedded below. It is is a thrilling glimpse into the digital capture of the Red Book for broader publication. View the video in full screen for maximum impact. I intend to read the Red Book to see how Jung found his soul after scouring his inner mind for guidance.

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