Monday, November 05, 2007

OpenSocial Trojan Whores? Cisco has an answer

In yesterday's post on OpenSocial, I expressed concern over the potential for personal profile misuse.

In contrast to the potential Trojan Horses of OpenSocial, to provide greater security for users of unified collaboration and communication tools for enterprise, Cisco has announced the acquisition of Securent Cisco Acquires Securent for $100 Million to provide security for enterprise knowledge pools and social networking profile data.

Here is a related reading list from the web today.

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Shaping Youth said...

gosh, Dave, I was just on the Defragcon site tracking the Open Social bit, and your Grazr snippet really IS a cool tool to capture 'just the facts' in a handy 'at-a-glance' format! Definitely should profile this on Shaping Youth. I need to hear/see MORE!

As you can see by my posting on "E-havioral profiling: Collecting Digital Data on Kids" I echo your Trojan Horse concerns on privacy here...

Whether it's Cisco, the FTC/CDD/EFF or whoever the heck is the point person on this issue, I sure hope they give it some mental floss before haphazardly opening an apps fest without being circumspect to potential abuse.

I'm all for open source sharing and utilization of resources...but while youth may be more open to media's virtual equivalent of showering with friends, I kinda want to know who's in my hot tub from the get go...

I hope Cisco (or someone!) maximizes the vast potential and promise while paying attention to pitfalls, profiteering, and privacy issues. Thanks for this...



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