Friday, November 02, 2007

Open Social -Trojan Whores?

Open Social hit the net last week and gave google and partners a legup over Facebook in the exploding field of social networking. But the value of the open social networking APIs embodied in Open Social may be nullified by the potential for misuse of open user profiles by OS app developers who could mine the data gathered from OpenSocial profiles for their own purposes without user permission.

Anyone who can provide users a way to prevent application developers from gathering, mining and selling end-user profile, activity and clickstream data without their opt-in permission
could have a killer app.

If you have an hour to waste click on the YouTube video below to view the announcement by google's Vic Gundotra and the first group of OpenSocial Partners.

What's your take on OpenSocial?

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Anonymous said...


I am so torn about privacy verses socializing. I want the information I share with my network to only go as far as THAT network. I don't want governments and companies collecting it as easily as we are making it for them. I wish I didn't feel this way...I wish I could blindly follow the masses into delivering our souls to BIG BROTHER. Someday people like me will be gone and everyone left will be so blindly happy!

--bill daul



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