Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Adobe - Flash on: The fusion of TV and the Internet

Click here Adobe - Flash on to see a powerful interactive mosaic of selected short videos - try the side bar for different genres. This interactive Flash presentation from Adobe offers some really neat ideas for user interfaces to complex video, audio or slide collections.( thanks to Bill Daul of NextNow Collaboratory for the link)

A visual tag cloud? A new way of mapping the social graph? With RSS feeds updating the visualization elements, I could see using this as my live social network dashboard, with the genre sidebar providing a selection of different social net connections based on topic, trust, reputation, recency etc.

Rather than build this visual UI into the OS as Apple has done with their new Leopard visual stack and grid interfaces, this could be a cross platform browser-based UI.

I will talk with Bill Daul to see if we can prototype such an interface.

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