Saturday, June 23, 2007

Congratulations to my son Scott - in the current issue of Wired

Not just because Scott, who is pictured above, is my son and the President of Raydiance, the story is a great multimedia read about the innovative technology of ultrashort pulse lasers and the software platform that Scott and Barry Schuler, Chairman of Raydiance are building.

Barry likens the opening of the Raydiance development platform to the way Microsoft Windows platform developers helped build Microsoft's huge ecosystem and a world dominant information industry leader.

Knowing both Barry and Scott, I have a firm belief that they are creating something truly revolutionary - at the intersection of software and nanotechnology. Raydiance may just be the Next Big Thing!

Although Raydiance was previously featured in a recent Business Week article, this WIRED piece shows how pictures help to tell the story more powerfully. The writer, Danny Dumas provides an expert insight into company and its technology and WIRED's use of visuals and great web design makes this one of my all-time favorite TI stories.

It also helps when you can tell family and friends people what your son does at work.

The Ultrashort Pulse Laser in Action

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