Friday, June 15, 2007

Presentation Research -Discovery through Google Images

In preparing for my second presentation for the eLearning Forum on the subject of Wikinomics I wanted to use the power of time-shifting and stored "memory" exemplified by TiVo.

My "ant-trail" 1. Search google images 2. select the image shown above 3. Follow the image link to find this 4 year-old post Church of the Customer Blog

"Student volunteers, who received free pizzas for their labor, helped with the assembly of the system, essentially an array of large refrigerators to keep the computers from overheating. Virginia Tech's president offered free football tickets to the technicians who were spending long hours on the project.

"'When you have a small budget," said Srinidhi Varadarajan, a leader of the project, "you have to take risks.'"

Voila! a perfect example of the principles of Wikinomics in action and another story for the Wikinomics playbook.

Time-shifted and stored in the "memory" of the Church of the Customer blog and discovered through google image search. Their tag cloud on the blog piques my attention. Maybe we should introduce them to ConversationBase .

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