Friday, October 08, 2010

Make your public speeches Resonate -by Nancy Duarte

I had the great pleasure to attend the launch part for Nancy Duarte's new book Resonate - and not only enjoyed a superbly catered affair, but met a lot of interesting folks in the graphic design, speech coaching and information architecture arena. Best of all was Nancy's heart-felt and powerful dedication of the book to her Dad - and the compelling story of its creation. Nancy signed my book and I will soon be learning from it. Here's a blurb from Nick Morgan at Forbes:

Nancy Duarte’s New Book: “resonate” - Nick Morgan - Public Speaking and Communications Commentary - Forbes:

And as an extra benefit for reading this post, here is an example of Nancy's presentation style, proving that you don't have to bore your audience with PowerPoint ( the presentation was crafted using only the PPT tool)

5 Ways to Make PowerPoint Sing! (And Dance!) | Duarte Blog'
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