Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The GeoDome - Deja Vu all over again

I just received this invitation to an Interaction Associates webcast next week:
On the webcast the CEO of GeoDome will discuss the utility of immersive environments and powerful visualizations to shake up the thinking of C-level executives.

Here's their pitch from their website:
"The GeoDomeTM Portal is a rapidly deployable (read portable sets up in 30 minutes in any room) and highly engaging Immersive Virtual Environment designed to casually immerse up to 15 people. It leverages the latest visual computing technologies to enable participants to experientially and interactively explore a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary subjects across multiple scales of space and time. "

This reminds me of my visit in the early 1980's to the exploratorium project in the Stanford Engineering School of Design.

The exploratorium was a half-dome geodesic with a floor to accommodate about 12 participants where we lay head-to -head in a hub and spoke arrangement to view a presentation of Powers of Ten projected on the half-dome ceiling.

The objective of the exploratorium was to shift our normal way of thinking to our right brains in preparationn for a succeeding collaborative exercise. It worked very well - 30 years ago, and now, as with many early visionary concepts, has finally reached the mainstream of an Enterprise-level learning consultancy webcast.

I know this stuff works - but am amazed that it took 30 years to find adoption.

I intend to learn more about the GeoDome and its global network and perhaps providing the visual content such a space needs to function at its best. A great potential for sharing complex information rapidly - and getting it through to our right brains.
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