Tuesday, July 15, 2008

visual resumes - bringing the CV to life

I first posted Karen Bennett(nee Storer) visual resume over 18 months ago Thoughts Illustrated: A Visual Resume - from a TI commentor - and just got a commment from Saran whose visual resume is shown below(from Slideshare)

Combining these visual CV's with social networking tools brings the person to "life". Saranyans' slideshow could be a short video with his voice overdubbed ( this can be done in Slideshare) With his voice the CV would be even more personal.


Saran said...

Dave, thanks for the tip. I will try to make this even more interactive (maybe with my voice included). Thanks for posting this on your blog! :)


silvius said...

No doubt they can look like these. I'm not sure HR people will love these 100% but they are an alternative. Look here for visual resume examples



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