Friday, January 26, 2007

A Visual Resume - from a TI commentor

Karen Storer is a visual thinker and practitioner who also teaches windsurfing from her base in Maui. You can find out a lot about Karen by looking at her visual resume shown above. Click on the image to see a larger size.

I found Karen through a comment she made to my post :Thoughts Illustrated: DIAGRAM :: Adelheid Mers.

I have Karen's permission to use the visual shown above to make my ongoing point about the power of visuals to communicate a lot of information is a small amount of time - thus rewarding your attention with a crisp, informative and comprehensive picture of (in this case) Karen's CV.

Not surprisingly her blog and website are entitled:picture it solved and Picture It Solved - a visual approach to thinking.

I look forward to working with Karen and other talented visualizers to create personal tools everyone can use to address the dilemma of information overload and scarcity of attention - the condition Richard Saul Wurman describes as Information Anxiety 2: Books: Richard Saul Wurman,David Sume,Loring Leifer


IdeaMapper said...

Thank you so much for the mention and your kind words! I am also looking forward to our collaboration. It's interesting that you mention Information Anxiety 2 in this post. One particular idea that stands out for me from the book is Wurman's simple mnemonic for remembering ways to organize information, LATCH: Location, Alphabet, Time, Category, Hierarchy.

papadavo said...

Karen: i think Wurman would not object to the addition of "picture " to the ways to organize information.


saranyan said...

Dave, this is good stuff. Visual thinking makes life so much simpler. On the same grounds, I created my visual resume that you might be interested to take a look at:


The Employment Empire said...

Good stuff you have! I also believe that a visual resume should accentuate your "hardcopy" resume. It should be simple and straight forward offering additional info and be able to offer audio, images and video. Since the resume you send, by email or snailmail, should only be a page or two. That's why I just launched
It's simple, easy and fun to create your visual resume....and it's free!
See ya there!



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