Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Painting Tom Sawyer's Fence

Professor BJ Fogg at Stanford is co-creating a new book Psychology of Facebook - Dr. BJ Fogg which will be published this Fall. 435 folks ( I am one of them) have volunteered to review the rough drafts of the book's chapters which have, (you got it!) been contributed free of charge by a cadre of eager Facebookers. The primary themes of the book are:
* Why is FACEBOOK so compelling, even ADDICTIVE?
* What motivates MILLIONS to spend time each day on Facebook?
* How do FRIENDS persuade friends to use Facebook more?

It may have been a long time since you read Mark Twain's remarkable account of his character Tom Sawyer and painting his fence. So I thought you might like to look it over one more time.

Tom Sawyer And The Fence

I think Mark Twain understood the Psychology of Facebook and his story Painting Tom
Sawyer's Fence deserves a chapter or at least a footnote/link in BJ's forthcoming book.



Anonymous said...

What is your reasoning behind the Tom Sawyer fence painting? Just curious.

dave davison said...

Did you read the Twain's story at the link?

My logic behind the post is that BJ Fogg's method of crowdsourcing his new book on the Psychology of Facebook provides no compensation to the folks who helped him create the book or reviewed it.

This form of capturing the value of the work of others without compensation was the heart of the Mark Twain story of Painting Tom Sawyer's fence.

get other folks to do your work without having to pay them for it.



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