Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blogging my way to a presentation

I have to make a presentation next Friday at SRI, so this morning I began using the Web to gather the images I needed for my slide set. I'll leave an Ant Trail of my journey to "places" on the web where googleimages leads me. AT will stand for Ant Trail stops on the journey.( I found out that blogger will not accept the little AT circle-a sign so I had to use AT)

As we take this journey together, we will meet some interesting "pals" in the blogosphere and I will acknowledge their help with sidebar posts from their blogs where my "nuggets" of images are found.

AT 1. Here is a clip from my Firefox/google search history(the trail is in inverted order).
The first page of search results; where I found the image I needed.

Voila! here's Big Al.

I found this image on David Seaton's News Links: Al Gore: "We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; And we have done those things which we ought not to have done." along with this cogent summary from David:

"In global warming Gore has found an issue of universal concern and has carved himself a universally recognized position as an authority on it. He did this quietly, patiently and methodically. Even if adopting global warming were only a strategy to recreate his political career, it is such a long headed strategy and so subtly executed that it would prove a capacity of analysis, judgment, self control and execution that have long been (longer than six years) missing from the White House. One thing for sure, Al Gore shouldn't have to beg for the presidency. We cannot turn back the clock or undo the harm undone, but there can be second acts in American life."

I left a thankyou comment for David and linked him hereThoughts Illustrated: Are Crowds Intelligent Life Forms? where my "pal" from the blogosphere The Head Lemur( i don't even know the guy) had this to say on his blog:
" One of the most remarkable things about the Internet is the awesome amount of information that is out here. You can find something on just about anything here. But this place is like a huge library where the shelves are empty and the books are piled on the floor. The pile is getting bigger as another truckload has just been delivered in the backdoor. It is all here, but it has little structure or form."
Sound familiar?

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