Monday, April 16, 2007

Geocode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Geocode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "A Geocode (Geospatial Entity Object Code) is code that represents a geospatial coordinate measurement of an exact geographic location and time at, below, or above the surface of the earth.

A Geocode representation is derived from the following geospatial attributes: 1. Latitude 2. Longitude 3. Altitude 4. Date 5. Local Time 6. Global Time 7. Other geospatial attributes such as:

* how the area is coded (number, letter, mixture of both, other)
* which part of the earth is covered (whole earth, land, water, a continent, a country)
* what kind of area or location is coded (country, county, airport, railstation, city)
* whether an area or a point is coded

A Geocode is a all-natural number representation"

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