Sunday, March 11, 2007

Are Crowds Intelligent Life Forms?

You are looking at the Head Lemur who pens raving lunacy which I put on my
my google reader just to sample his oxymoronic humor - which is often pointed in a similar direction to my own exploration of how to refine the "landfill" of the web into useful nuggets suitable for digestion by the folks afflicted with the disease continuous partial attention (CPA).Thoughts Illustrated: Who is Linda Stone and why should we listen to her?

I agree with the raving lunatic's comment:
" One of the most remarkable things about the Internet is the awesome amount of information that is out here. You can find something on just about anything here. But this place is like a huge library where the shelves are empty and the books are piled on the floor. The pile is getting bigger as another truckload has just been delivered in the backdoor. It is all here, but it has little structure or form."

Perhaps the Head Lemur and I can find a way to build a pilot refinery. I intend to risk being subjected to his rapier-like wit, if I can get on his wave length.

raving lunacy: Are Crowds Intelligent Life Forms?

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