Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lunching with Scoble

After a lifetime of accusations of my being a verbal "firehose", I met my match yesterday at lunch at Mike's restaurant with The Scobleizer. It was a truly enjoyable experience. Robert seems to have perfected the ability to integrate his in-person reality with his online presence. He radiates intelligence, good humor and an openness in conversation which is a rare combination - and probably the reason he continues to attract such a large following in the blogosphere and in F2F interactions with the movers and shakers of the geek world.

I first met Robert at Meshforum in May 2006 Thoughts Illustrated: Meshforum - Scoble and Israel on Naked Conversations where he stimulated my curiosity and interest in how he and Shel Israel approached the creation of Naked Conversations - an early version of what I call the Networked Book.

During our lunch yesterday, Robert explained the rationale for his Scoble Show - a relaxed- style interview show featuring hot Silicon Valley CEOs telling their stories and demonstrating their products. Here's a recent example: Inside a real Silicon Valley garage startup: Maya's Mom | Technology, Business, Media, and News Podcasts. Robert is rapidly accelerating his video interview production, recording 3-4 video interviews per week. He now has a large backlog of wannabe's lined up to be interviewed on his show and expects to select a "Top 40" from his show portfolio when he has enough footage in his playlist archive.

If you are interested in how The Scoble Show integrates with Podtech's business model, scroll down the right side of the page linked above and you will see the logos of 39 high-class Scoble Show sponsors. John Furrier's recruiting of Robert Scoble to be a centerpiece of PodTech's NewMedia business is clearly paying off.

Robert also showed me how he uses google reader to keep up with his prodigious daily blog reading and posting efforts and gave me a short guided tour of how he uses Twitter / Scobleizer to keep up with his many contacts in real time.

Great lunch - and an in-person confirmation of the unique social networking power of the NewMedia to connect and engage people in "naked conversations" on a global basis. Also solid evidence of my friend Mark Anderson's Thoughts Illustrated: Mark Anderson-Welcome to the Blogosphere!support for the AORTA (Always On Real Time Access) concept of today's technology-enabled society. Here's how Mark described it way back in 1998:
"With AORTA, users tend to transfer all work to Net-enabled applications, and to use email, Inet chat, collaboration software, and Inet telephony as easily as they used to use the phone."
Robert Scoble is the living, breathing exemplar of AORTA in action and, boy, does it work for him!

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