Friday, March 23, 2007

Crowd-sourcing - AssignmentZero

Thanks to KoAnn, CEO of Sustainable Life Media, for this important link about Pro-Am journalism. AssignmentZero is co-sponsored by Wired and is an innovative approach to orchestrating conversations between professonal editors and amateur journalists. I believe this editoral approach can have useful application in online interaction between authors and readers of networked books.

Get Involved | AssignmentZero

" To get the project started, Assignment Zero editors have identified some relevant topics and broken them down into assignments - like an interview, research, or writing a piece. Each of the assignments is marked with either a crowd or individual symbol. The crowd symbol means that this assignment is open to everyone -- it's non-exclusive and ongoing. You can add information at any time".

I will be exploring how AssignmentZero manages their Pro-Am integration.


Anonymous said...

PC Magazine's Lance Ulanoff thinks Assignment Zero (crow-sourcing) is a dumb idea. Check out his comments at this link .

papadavo said...

thanks for the link - Lance says the very idea of crowd sourcing "burns his shorts" - while the execution of Assignment Zero is directed at journalism, there is a huge value in mining the wisdom of crowds in business - generating value from mass collaboration.

See THE NETWORKED BOOK: wikinomics to learn about how crowd sourcing creates enormous business value.



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