Saturday, January 13, 2007

WIKINOMICS-another "Networked" book example

Wikinomics, by popular business thought leader Don Tapscott , is another example of the emerging publishing process called the "networked book" see:Thoughts Illustrated: The Pulse Project The Networked Book

As Tapscott writes: " A new art and science of collaboration is emerging—
we call it “wiki-nomics.” We’re not just talking about creating online
encyclopedias and other documents. A wiki is more than just software for
enabling multiple people to edit Web sites.

It is a metaphor for a new era of collaboration
and participation, one that, as Dylan sings, “will soon shake your windows
and rattle your walls.” The times are, in fact, a changin’.

These changes, among others, are ushering us toward a world where
knowledge, power, and productive capability will be more dispersed than
at any time in our history—a world where value creation will be fast, fluid,
and persistently disruptive. A world where only the connected will survive."

"Wikinomics has 11 chapters, but only ten have yet been written. Chapter 11, The Wikinomics Playbook, will be written by you: a community of readers and experts like yourself who will share ideas about how to embed key Wikinomics concepts and principles in 21st century organizations and business enterprises." WIKINOMICS | WIKI:

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