Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Apple iPhone - Steve Jobs does it again at MacWorld

Take a demo listen here: Apple - iPhone - Phone

Here's the latest from MacWorld - the iPhone combining Internet browsing, highres camera and iPhoto- like picture management, integrated google map and search functions,and a whole lot of cool features for voice and email and call management. Bundled exclusively with Cingular service. Comes with 4 and 8 GB versions, retailing at $499 and $599, service plan included.

And look: No Keyboard! - all running on OSX and compatible with most MAC apps. This new generation phone may be to mobile communicating what the iPod was to music and the MAC has been to personal computing.

Significantly Jobs announced that henceforth Apple was dropping "computer" from its corporate name and will now be known simply as Apple Inc. - a consumer electronics company.

I think the iPhone will be as big a hit at the iPod and will dramatically impact the enormous mobile communicating/computing market. Who need as laptop for roadwarrior communicating? I want one!

If you didn't link to the demo above, do it now and be dazzled! Apple - iPhone - Phone

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