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Critt Jarvis has decided he wants to concentrate only on proposing ConversationBase to serve as his "way in" to a deeper conversation with Vic Gundotra and Larry Brilliant to serve the needs of Vic's response to Critt was very friendly, but indicated no sense of urgency to engage in applying ConversationBase for the next 6 weeks beyond exploring the features of ConversationBase himself.

As a result of these recent outcomes, and discussion with some of the Augment Team principals listed below, I have shifted the emphasis of this outline for the potential development of a Value Network for to accomodate both Critt's approach to as well as to open a conversation with inviting them to explore the design and development of the GoogleFoundation Value Network (GFVN) preliminarily described herein.


Borrowing a term from the visionary work of Doug Engelbart and his Bootstrap Institute over the past 40 years I have used the term Augment to indicate our understanding of the process that that could extend and enhance the already broad array of existing resources in Larry Brilliant's portfolio. Of potentially great value to of these Augment Teams is their leading edge development of Value Networks in corporate settings around the world, and their remarkable connectivity for outreach to added resources available to them from their personal or organizational value nets constructed over many years.

What follows benefits from initial conversations with the principals of each Augment Team.

Augment Team #1.

Value Network Analysis and Development.

I have invited Verna Allee and John Maloney as world-class principals in the design and construction of Value Networks. to join us in this proposal to add the value of their work in applying value network analysis and design techniques, and their extensive network of SME's throughout the world.

Under their stewardship, starting in January, 2006, Verna and John have created the Value Network Consortium and have already enlisted the involvement and active participation in the Consortium of leading information technology firms and business innovators. The Consortium members are already actively (both collaboratively and, where necessary, individually) exploring the application of the theories of Value Network Analysis and Design to leverage the power of their "intangible assets" both internally and in their external value "webs" and to help them find new ways to organize, transform and innovate their organizations and their extended networks in an increasingly complex world of exponential change.

To achieve the tasks described below and also to add new and important tasks that will arise from this this collaborative work, Verna and John have recommended that participate as active members in the Value Network Consortium. They are ready to provide a brief presentation of the benefits of Consortium membership to and create an "easy on ramp" for into the exciting exploration and application of Value Networks

Here are some of the early GFVN projects that could explore as members of the Value Network Consortium:

Task 1. A Value Network analysis of Larry Brilliant's impressive network of resources would proceed from a view of the current state of Larry's portfolio of assets, show how the network "overlays"'s mission definition of unmet global needs, identify any "white spaces" indicating what's missing from the network, and then craft an initial prescriptive proposal for filling the gaps and augmenting the strength and robustness of his purpose-built Value Network.

This work can be seen as responding to Larry's vow to operate like a venture capital investor would - and Value Network analysis as proposed should not seem foreign to Larry or to his very talented staff.

Larry has publicly described's hybrid organization as part 501(c)3, part C Corp and part academic environment, which he says gives him the potential to "play many more keys on the keyboard". The proposed Value Network Analysis will give him a much better view of the "keyboard" , and empower him and his network participants to invent new "keys"where needed and to co-create new, never-heard-before compositions.

Task 2. A graphic visualization of the Value Network in its current state and the provision of an analysis database collected from currently available public information and then, in collaboration with staff and exective leaders of, the data collection necessary to complete a BETA Version of the Google Foundation Value Network (GFVN). A portfolio of Value Network designs and supporting documentation would be made available from the Value Network Consortium to to illustrate the use of these analytic and visualization and education in their use by the Augment Team members.

It is expected that the first priority project for Value Network Analysis would the expansion and enhancement of the Global Public Health Information Network as described by Larry in his public interviews on the Plan of Execution for INSTEDD.

Augment Team #2:

Enhance the collaborative power of the members of the GFVN, and provide facilitative design and development services to accelerate the healthy and sustainable growth of the GFVN

The members of Team #2 are the principals of InnovationLabs, a firm with 20 year track record of facilitating collaborative design projects with corporations and NGO's internationally. I have worked with this team for over 10 years on projects of all kinds from startup due diligence and business model design, to the design and development of Adoption Engines for global system integrators and consulting firms, to very large collaborations with principal stakeholders in the Health Care Industry.

In my opinion the proposed GFVN will prosper best in a facilitated, collaborative design environment supported by people with proven skills in accelerating the collaborative process of innovation. InnovationLabs is one of the best in the world at doing this exciting work.

I expect that the work of collaborative design would integrate the work of Augment Team #1 and provide facilitation for the design of the GFVN.

Augment Team #3. Global Resource Networks and Application experience in Visualization of complex systems and geospatial information arrays.

The members of this team are Dr. Tim Foresman, Chuck Stein and Manuel Lima.

A great deal of the value of GFVN will be its ability to apply the proven tools of GIS and Remote Sensing via satellite and other detection sources including human intelligence gatherers on the ground to provide geospatial data and visual analysis tools to
make sense for all stakeholders of the patterns arising from a very complex set of information.

Dr. Foresman and Mr. Stein bring their experience, resource networks and specialized software tools for gathering and displaying geospatial information which will augment the existing google mapping tools and expertise by adding deep and broad access to the global sources and policy makers engaged in the active development and use of standards-based Geographic Information Systems and specialized knowledge and software tools for creating immersive, interactive 3D geospatial displays.

Manuel Lima is a talented researcher with a specialization in the visualizing of complexity and is currently engaged in a landmark study of complexity visualization projects featuring over 300 separate corporate, government and NGO entities. Mr. Lima has a unique set of visualizaton experience, enabling him to see emerging patterns from multiple complexity arrays and thus to provide a metalevel pattern recognition skill to identify order emerging from complexity.

The work of this team would connect GFVN into a broad array of visualization and analytic tools, data resources and expert practitioners and would be integrated into the work being performed by Teams #1 and #2.

The ConversationBase tools that Critt is working with can be applied to assist all the participants in this proposed collaboration to remain in close touch and current with the conversations that will result from our collaboration in analysing and then working to design and implement the proposed GFVN.

A principal will be appointed from each Augment Team to coordinate with each other and with and outside resources and will serve as the executive cadre to collaborate with members of the staff and other resource providers to deliver a powerful organizational platform for adding value that will delight Larry and his team.

Resource Links:

Team #1

Verna Allee: Verna Allee Value Networks

John Maloney: Colabria ( Team Coordinator)
Communities of Practice | Colabria

Team #2


\InnovationLabs - Innovation Consulting, Strategic Solutions, Facilitation, Insight, Results

Langdon Morris ( Team Coordinator)

Team #3

Tim Foresman
Timothy W Foresman, Ph.D., President

GeoFusion, Inc. Homepage

Manuel Lima | A visual exploration on mapping complex networks

Dave Davison (Team coordinator)

Strategic News Service - Member's Gallery

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Langdon said...

It seems to me from reading this that "the pattern behind is the pattern" is that we are in seeing a change in how we "think." What I mean by this is that the emergence of tools, of which Larry's is probably an example on the very leading edge, that are augmenting our native human intelligence with computers helping us deal with complexity. This is of course what Doug Engelbart visualized so many decades ago (hence the choice of the name "augment"), and now it seems to be happening at another level.

One of the processes for such augmentation should be, in my view, the blending of the virtual and F2F realms, and it seems that there should be an interesting opportunity to do so in this context by having all 3 groups of advisors do some design work together at some point. This way the computer's pattern recognition capabilities, and the human ones, could be complementary.

It also seems to me that the Google folks would be very happy to see a proposal that contextualized what we're doing as an application of native Google capabilities to provide sophisticated, augmented human thinking processes. That would certainly raise them higher on the value totem pole than simply being in the search and advertise business.



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