Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Inxight's Star Tree with links to demos

Hyperbolic trees are a powerful visualization tool for large collections of text, image or web objects.

The link below will take you to customer implementations using the Inxight Star ( hyperbolic) Tree software tools. StarTree is available as an SDK with API's for "mashups" with a variety of data sources.

Welcome to Inxight Software, Inc.

After clicking the link go to the sidebar ( screen shot is pictured here on the right) and click on Richard Saul Wurman's 2000 book Understanding USA. If you have a moment more, return to the Inxight page and click on the NSDL ( National Sciences Data Library) implementation.

Both of these "demos" give you a look at the power of Hyperbolic Trees in visualizing complex information. Richard Saul Wurman is the author of Understanding USA and also author of the seminal book Information Anxiety.

Quoting Richard "Conversation is the most natural, effective, yet most complex mode of human connection. The goal of conversation is understanding between the participants.

Successful visual communication design can be defined as frozen conversation much as wonderful architecture is referred to as frozen music.

Understanding information is power."

I've always regarded Richard as the consummate Information Architect.

After you have had a chance to play with the Star Tree demos, I'd like your comments on whether you found them "successful visual interfaces.

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