Thursday, April 06, 2006

TI for Book Authors and Publishers

This use of TI encapsulates the concepts of tags, chapters, table of contents and similar book organizing methods to offer the reader a preview, postview and "post-it" notetaking capability that can be presented as:
  • a poster view of the book included within the book jacket, can include just a url or a tipped in DVD with "director's cuts", author or related blog links and other resources.
  • a poster view of the book as a book review component for electronic publication with image related clickable links to key concepts, clips, soundbites
  • a poster view of the book to be used in conjunction with a blog site where the poster is published to the website of blog and is used to query via clickable graphics techniques, either audio recording of the book, audio podcasting updates.
  • a poster view of the book for inclusion in a flickr like poster collection or group for community or individual recognition/recall and added value taggging
How to Save the World: Dave Pollard's prediction on the next big thing in the blogosphere "Blog-Hosted Conversations: planned, edited conversations on a particular topic hosted by and transcribed on a blog or website"

This is the formula for Thoughts Illustrated- Here is another clip from his post: "But the indexing challenges remain: how do you put 'placeholders' in multimedia streams so that readers can hear/view only the section with the search keywords, in such a way that the context of the surrounding discussion isn't entirely lost? And what do you do when the real value of the audio or video isn't in the words themselves, but in the interaction, the images, the media integration itself? As bandwidth cost approaches zero, how much longer will we be satisfied essentially limiting our searches to the written word?"

this is our challenge.

Here's a link to an example from Peter Durand at Pop!Tech visualizing the speech of Malcolm Gladwell.

Alphachimp Tour: Graphic Facilitation

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