Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thoughts Illustrated blog - first example: the thoughts of Doug Engelbart

The concept of providing a holistic image to explain memes/thoughts/presentations/books is the basis for this Thoughts Illustrated blog.

The image is created as a graphical interpretation or synthesis either in real-time as the speaker (s) talk or in postproduction as a visual image connecting the key elements of the speech/book/presentation as a completed whole - but one which can be either "played back" in synchrony with the audio, or used as a graphical interface allowing the "listener" to select portions of the image of special interest, which will automatically link to the speech /resource link segment. the same process can be driven by a tag cloud selection or a concept map that is visually registerable with the master image

this link will take you to the conversation with Doug but the image is not presently in real time form so that it will follow the speech.
IT Conversations: Doug Engelbart - Large-Scale Collective IQ

The typical method of creating a playlist for an iPod or other mp3 player requires the listener to manage the playlist creation-downloading of audio using a lap top or desktop computer where the playlist file is stored on the user's hard disk or in an iTunes repository which automatically uploads the playlist and recorded audio to the iPod which then can be used in portable mode.

Since the user playlist management requires the use of desktop or laptop with full screen capability, the TI blog post can make use of "sound bite" segments clipped from the full speech, a rapid time lapse playback of the holistic image, use of the image as a clickable interface to the soundbites and/or to hyperlinked resources related to the "tage" underlaying the graphical interface logic (i.e. x/y coordinates for regions of the image) and the same procedure can make use of a tag cloud related to the speech/book/presentation and/or image.

Video and still frame clips can also be linked to the image as well, so that a full range of resource linking can take place on the landing page of the Thoughts Illustrated site.

Advertising copy related to the above process can be displayed in realtime as the user clicks through the content. Statistics on users profiles can be gathered as well.

The above process is designed to make the playlist management process more effective and useful for the user, providing pre-listenting guides, abstracts, soundbites, images etc. with the user being prompted to decide whether or not to download the entire related audio/video file to the playlist and thus to the iPod, iTouch or iPhone

Consideration can be given to provide iPod compatible (small) images and other visual cues to playlist management, but the fullest visual experience would be available to the user on a larger screen display than is possible on the smaller mobile unit screens except when the mobile is connected directly to a large monitor or TV display.

In this manner an enhanced TIVO-like playlist management process provides short clips, absracts and other text/graphic/audio elements that enable the user to make better decisions about what to download to their playlists.

This interactive audiovisual experience can be recorded at the user's playlist managment history level - i.e A9 history which includes graphics as well as text query responses.

A newer concept has been introduced by David Armano to describe what he calls the Digital Life Stream

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