Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Simplicity Cycle - A manifesto

ChangeThis :: The Simplicity Cycle: by Dan Ward:" Most cliches find their origin in truth, and 'less is more' is one that rings true . Dan Ward succinctly shows us that increased complexity does not inherently equal increased goodness and instructs us on how to walk that fine line while still innovating."

I found this 17 page(short and to the point) Manifesto on
Change This to be a superb exploration of the iterative design process which I believe applies very well to the use of Thoughts Illustrated Graphics as "impressionistic"interpretations that distill complex thoughts into holistic images that can then be iterated into more simplistic models.

I will create a series of posts to further illustrate what I mean.

You have to download the pdf manifesto from the Change This link.ChangeThis :: The Simplicity Cycle

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