Monday, December 03, 2007

Amazon Kindle Redux - standup comedian Robert Scoble

A bit late but here is Robert's dim view of the Kindle - he actually has one and you will see his trash talk in this 13 minute video. If you don't want to spend 13 minutes watching standup geek comedy - here is Robert's list of the shortcomings of the Kindle.

1. No ability to buy paper goods from Amazon through Kindle.
2. Usability sucks. They didn’t think about how people would hold this device.
3. UI sucks. Menus? Did they hire some out-of-work Microsoft employees?
4. No ability to send electronic goods to anyone else. I know Mike Arrington has one. I wanted to send him a gift through this of Alan Greenspan’s new book. I couldn’t. That’s lame.
5. No social network. Why don’t I have a list of all my friends who also have Kindles and let them see what I’m reading?
6. No touch screen. The iPhone has taught everyone that I’ve shown this to that screens are meant to be touched. Yet we’re stuck with a silly navigation system because the screen isn’t touchable.

Here's what i thought about the Kindle before Scoble blew it up. Pays to wait for the critics.

Thoughts Illustrated: Amazon Kindle - your ideal gift for the readers on your Xmas list

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