Friday, October 05, 2007

Evolution of Communication: From Email to Twitter and Beyond

This diagram leads a very provocative post by Alex Iskold from Read/Write Web (1) which reinforces my own prior point about Twitter versus Blogger. (2)


(2)Thoughts Illustrated: A Brief Message - twitter vs blogger?

Amy Jussel commented to my Twitter post as follows:

"I actually appreciate Twitter's free form spontaneity, and can see how I might use it as almost a "Jott" style app to reach thought leaders under severe time crunches who seem to be living on the short form tools. (David's a case in point, eh?)

That said, your database filtering idea is a 'value-add' that would put it off the charts in my book...

To me, that would be the 'killer app' of relevance that would truly give Twitter the chops to be a 'collective knowledge depository' with value far beyond its current uses as mental floss....
The widget below may just be Amy's "killer app".


Bob Warfield said...

You can take the concept still further. Here is my take on Web 2.0 Personality Styles:

michael j pastor said...

And I still haven't had a good chance to get to combining all of these with the Jungian personality types!



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