Monday, September 03, 2007

Multiplicity Anyone? Influence Ripples -Social Media Fragmentation

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If Thoughts Illustrated had a "pulitzer prize", David Armano would be the winner. He has a mental grasp of the social networking space from blogs, to twitters, to wikis to MSM that bespeaks not only a metalevel understanding of the web-enabled conversational space, but a visual mind that lets us See what he means. Don't miss David's verbal complement in this post to this great visual - you need to absorb both to understand how David really gets it.

His visuals help you "get it " too. Here's his viewpoint in a selection from his post:

"But what's becoming increasingly clear to most of us—is that like the original media fragmentation, the social version of it will be no less challenging to initiate, maintain and nurture. We're all going to have to get used to multiplicity—or simply having a few more pebbles in the pond"

Logic Emotion: Influence Ripples Social Media Fragmentation:


michael j pastor said...

It is illustrations like these and many others (like at that makes me itchy to have an customizable illustrative browser so that I could see what my personal network "looks" like

dave davison said...

we are working on it. I have gotten Armano to consider working with us and believe he can be a big help in visualizing our conversational process.



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