Saturday, February 03, 2007


This ANT TRAIL - led me to learn the meaning of STIGMERGY and how it works to create such RADICALLY SIMPLE collaborative creations as WikiPedia , Open Source Software and termite "cathedrals" - and it gave me a better understanding of the power of mass collaboration -the subject of Don Tapscott's new book described earlier here: Thoughts Illustrated: WIKINOMICS-another "Networked" book example

I started this web journey as the result of a post by Mark Elliott(the person who led me to the Periodic Table of Visualisation Methods) i will post the ANT TRAIL in a series of links you can follow at the bottom. This web journey was its own reward, as Steve Jobs is fond of saying - and I hope it will be rewarding for you, too.

In keeping with the blog reverse chronology here is the Ant Trail starting backwards from the link above to:

Chapter 1 of Small Pieces - David Weinberger

which started here:Shirky: In Praise of Evolvable Systems

but before that was this link Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | Stigmergy and the World-Wide Web

which came from the Future Commons post by Mark Elliott ( he of the link to the Periodic Table of Visualization Methods presented in a previous post on TI) leading to his article on here:M/C Journal: "Stigmergic Collaboration: The Evolution of Group Work"

The whole Radical Simplification slide show can be visited here: RS: Radical Simplification
and may be worth your while. And for the finale - Stigmergy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


michael j pastor said...

This comment is probably more apt for the source document than your blog, but the quoted slide struck me:

I frequently see the metaphor that we travel 'to places' on the web, when what is really happening is that the places are coming to us. It's more like the mountain coming to mohammed, not the other way around. At the most, we're sending out a lasso to grab the mountain.

papadavo said...

michael - you will see in my somewhat longish email response to you that I agree - the idea of the mountain coming to Mohammed is a very ZEN-like imaging method, where the world is being created AS YOU PERCEIVE IT.

Under the right navigational system the WEB can really come to us and be enormously useful



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