Monday, October 02, 2006


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In preparing for a meeting tomorrow with Robert Scoble, I ran across this cartoon which asks a very pertinent question about the Podtech business model. I hope to learn more about how Robert's "global brand" can exert key influence in convincing corporate clients to embrace the interactive communications mantra of Naked Conversations, and, I assume, to buy Podtech's New Media communication strategies and services.

I think Robert's experience at Microsoft and his book provide a pragmatic model for other organizations who can benefit by adopting the new tools for building conversational dialog with their suppliers and customers.

Is Robert's "brand" transferrable? Can Podtech make a real business in this overcrowded space now generating a bubble-like feeding frenzy on Sand Hill Road? Robert looks like a fun guy - and I look forward to our conversation. Maybe he is the real thing.

raving lunacy: Bubblelation

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