Thursday, October 26, 2006

The atomizing hand of Media 2.0 - Umair Haque

Here is the companion presentation by Haque to the one posted below. Note that the image in this post is a single slide from 97 that generally summarizes visually what Haque is saying in the whole slide presentation. This is an example of selecting microcontent from the web and reconstructing it in the form of a single "snippet" which points the reader to the whole presentation - dealing the with fact of attention scarcity by using one image as a "teaser" to the whole presentation which is presented below. The single slide represents about 1% of the entire presentation, but consolidates it into one summary picture - an example of the reconstructor's role in adding value to existing "whole" presentations by doing an editor's/reviewer's work for the attention-scarce reader. Tags are mine, but could contain others ala-flckr-type folksonomy - AND anyone can repurpose and resend all or portions of the presentation - dramtically spreading Haque's important message. I hope he reads this or hears about it - and doesn't object to its reproduction here.

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