Saturday, September 10, 2011

The End Game

Rather than start another blog I think I can use the Thoughts Illustrated blog to journal my recently inagurated search for spiritual discernment.

The impetus for the search comes from two primary sources.
  1. the recognition of the need for an end game to address the issues of the last part of life, especially those that arise from Ginny's cancer and also those that effect me as I "grow" older.
  2. the eposure to Ignation spritiuality from the initial spark of the commencement speech at Melissa's graduation from Santa Clara in June, where the operative theme was For Others.
In the succeeding months, Anne led me to connect with Fr. Charlie Gagan who introduced me to the spiritual exercise ( prayer) devised by St. Ignatius called the Examen which is treated in detail in the link below.

Consciousness Examen by George Aschenbrenner, SJ –

The Examen is a form of prayer designed to increase your spiritual discernment in a twice daily review of the ongoing process of your life .

I have tried to get going with the Examen, knowing that it requires a faith in God that I do not at present possess. But it appears to be a possible pathway for developing the spiritual element of my "end game". We shall see.


zenpundit said...

More or less Examen is the opposite approach to Zen meditation, where the mind is emptied of all thoughts in order to become one with the moment. usually, beginners start by counting breaths in order to slow down their system and block out "busy" thoughts, noise, discomfort etc. The use of Koans is a little closer to Examen.

dave davison said...

Mark: I experienced the ZEN approach several decades ago, and still meditate in the middle of the night when I need to settle my mind.

I think the combination of both ZEM mediatation nad pragmatic prayer like the Examen may yield the spiritual truth I seek.

Your post on 9/11 was useful - the almost universal reastion of the public just after the attacks showed a underlying community concerned with each other and the rebuilding of the country - not so much a "go kill Bin Laden" blood thirst.

I wish we could returnto those early post 9/22 days and find that communal spirit again

I was glad to see you still follow my blog - not many do



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