Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shift Happens - Did you Know?

Over 5 million people have seen this video in some form or other - the original was created by Carl Fisch, a teacher at Centennial High School in Arapahoe, Colorado as a PowerPoint presentation . You can download the PPT deck from Carl's blog site but I wouldn't recommend it. The content is the original, but the deck is all text slides.

Here is what Carl said on his blog The Fischbowl: Did You Know? about the presentation :
"I was very nervous about showing this and how it would go over, but it seemed to have its intended effect (at least initially - we'll see if it really helps generate the on-going conversations we need to have). I would be interested in feedback from anybody who decides to download it."
And download it they did - with a wide variety of design takes on the original. Here are two I like the best - worth your time to watch both, because the same message gets to you differently.

Here's the first remix with updated information produced by Scott McCleod and Xplane.

Michael Arnold, with permission from Carl Fisch added his narration and a new set of supporting images. Same story different treatment.

With assistance from Xplane, Carl has created a wiki shifthappens � Suggestions for Using the Presentationfor Shift Happens where you can find research, resource links and a lot more.

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