Thursday, August 02, 2007

Slidshare + Audio - Now you're talking!

Here is a test presentation of a new slideshare feature I have been waiting for. Combine your slideshare presentations with an audio track and Voila! an audiographic presentation. Voice over PPT - Very effective for rehearsal or for cleaning up and redubbing a previous audio recording of your presentations. Also useful as soundbite creator for selected segments of a presentation. And, all nicely microformatted by Slideshare to support remixing. Could be a new style of podcasting.

Click on the central Listen button to the embedded slideshow below to hear and see the audiographic demo - I can't wait to test it on some of my Slideshare presentations.

Thanks for the Test to Garr Reynolds - otherwise found at Presentation Zen

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Karin H√łgh said...

You are right - sSlideshare is great - but only just close to podcast. I have made a tutorial - How to podcast your PowerPoint presentations.

Enjoy :-)



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