Thursday, May 03, 2007

Networks -

Forbes hits one out of the park with this issue on Networks - a treasure trove of commentary and hard facts about the power of Networks like the one by Bob Metcalfe who is the creator of the Network Effect equation shown in the diagram above.

Divided into 4 major sections: Breakthroughs, Lifestyle,Technology and Community, the Forbes issue on Networks is filled with useful information and stimulating ideas.

From the lead:
The 28 essays from a cast of experts and leaders we have assembled from many different walks of life, may help you see networks you hadn't thought about before or make connections you never thought possible. Music, MySpace, massive multiplayer role-playing games--they are all connected here.
Take your time to read it all. If you don't have time to grok it all, I will be posting some snippets here pointing you to my favorites. Stay tuned.

:Networks -

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