Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Graphic Portrayal of the 9/11 Report - Slate Magazine

In "comic book style" Slate brings the 9/11 Commission Report alive. Pictures emphasize the key elements of the Report and graphically portray the horrific story and the confusion that reigned in the government and the military preceding and following the attack.An indictment of our ability to deal with complexity.

After reading The Starfish and the Spider, Thoughts Illustrated: The Starfish and the Spider - The Unstoppable power of leaderless organisationsI am convinced that terrorist organizations are like the Starfish - and we need to develop better solutions to protect ourselves and to reduce the effectiveness of terrorist Starfish.

Thia is important history to know- click below for the Slate Story:

The 9/11 Report - By Sid Jacobson and Ernie Col�n - Slate Magazine

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